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19 April 2011 @ 11:04 pm
 Today was a long long day.

I had Proteomics for the whole day. Two hour lecture in the morning and then a 5 hour practical in the afternoon. I survived, oh yeaaaaaa!

School was super crowded today lol. You knowww, usually in the morning, there would be shuttle buses commuting from Clementi to NP. And most of the time it would stop at SIM because that's where people from LSCT and HS would stop if they needed to go to their labs and stuffs. However, they have decided to implement a new rule where the shuttle buses from Clementi WILL NOT stop at SIM anymore because people complained about free riders. Thanks and no thanks. LOL. Thanks because NP students could finally get on the buses that were hired for them. No thanks cause ... students who wants to use the SIM route to go HS or LSCT blocks have to go through the longer and torturing way if they take the shuttle bus from Clementi.

Where was I?.. Oh yea, school was super crowded today. Apparently, as from now on I suppose, year 1 students have to go for a week long orientation in the first week of school. HOW NICE IS THAT MAN? They get to familiarize themselves with the school and make new friends without having to worry about homework or their futures. SO GOOD LOR! School tend to implement new stuffs after the 1992 babies leave the school. Do they have something against the 1992 babies? Tsk. And so I think most year 1 students have to report around 9 to their orientation groups which resulted in... CROWDED CLEMENTI BUS STOP, CROWDED SCHOOL, CROWDED EVERYWHERE! Oh damn, I think i'm claustrophobic.

And something really really URGHHHH happened to me yesterday. I was on the escalator, heading down from the Yew Tee Mrt platform. There was this smelly bangala standing right behind me. Before you call me racist or anything, let me mention this... annoying fact: HE WAS STANDING DAMN FREAKING CLOSE TO ME. I COULD FEEL HEAT EMANATING FROM HIS BODY. It's not like the steps on the escalator are small, they are quite big enough to NOT make the people behind or in front of you uncomfortable. THIS IS CALLED AN INVASION OF PERSONAL SPACE. :( And he somehow bumped his upper body into my back accidentally, or maybe it was purposely but... WTF?! It was too close for comfort man seriously. I have never felt this uncomfortable before. I should have done something, like say "hey, move" or something but I just lost my courage. I felt really scared and creeped out. Eeeee. D: So the moment I reached the ground floor, I walked really quickly out of the station and back home. I think this incident became a traumatizing incident for me because I felt the same way again in the morning where MRTs tend to be very crowded even though no one stood as close as the bangala to me. Sigh.

Enough of .. that.

Lemme move on. As I have said earlier on, I had Proteomics lecture and practical today. Lecture was interesting enough but I swear... lectures tend to make me real sleepy. Boo.. But thankfully I managed to take notes :D Practical was uh... interesting too cause Dr Hedy was kinda cool hahaha. She's like my aunt; friendly, cool, nice but strict when she needs to be. But there was like awkwardness floating in the air. I know the most of the people in my class. Half of them were in my stream and still are, while I just know the others by name or don't know them at all. So.. awkward. It feels like they are intruding into our class...maybe they feel that way too LOL. I miss Meow, Stan, JH, Arny and JB. Booooooooooooooo, D:!

I will not be mean and say that I want to add someone to my "People who piss me off the moment they speak" list. BE NICE. 

I updated LJ hee~! 
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xingxingxingyelrihs_jefan on April 20th, 2011 12:47 am (UTC)
LOL sounds like major overcrowding man...
And I totally get the escalator thing... I hate it when that happens... especially on the trains... On the trains it's like you have no choice but to put up with it coz it's just so damn crowded... :(
brinaa: lovesxx_brinaa on April 20th, 2011 11:48 am (UTC)
haha good luck with proteo man. It was a torture memorising the notes. You're not the only one feeling sleepy in proteo lectures! I was always yawning away too. Cannot concentrate for long. Alot of my friends also. hahahaha proteo is just too boring.
J.U.D.Y ♪koikechiaki on April 20th, 2011 04:17 pm (UTC)
But it's interesting though hahaha.